Our experience and knowledge of business issues and accounting means we are ideally placed to support businesses in Ireland and abroad.
If you want to move your business forward and take advantage of new opportunities an experienced financial advisor can assist in identifying where you want and need to be and the tools you need to get there. Your knowledge of the business is a key asset. We'll ask 'what if...' questions and encourage you to do more.
Walkng the Business TightropeYour insight and experience combined with our financial expertise will make the difference.
Businesses across all sectors are under constant pressure to innovate and to reposition their businesses to meet competitive pressures. We offer realistic advice that can be used in real situations, including: 
  • Business turnaround and restructuring
  • Bank negotiations and proposals
  • Business dispute mediation
  • Financial and tax planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Operations improvement
We work with individuals and SME’s who wish to restructure debt, conduct financial and tax planning, reorganise or develop their business to improve operational efficiencies.